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Query: Medical School ePortfolios

Page history last edited by Helen 12 years, 3 months ago

Virginia Commonwealth University is interested in learning more about ePortfolios for their medical school.  Does anyone have any suggestions for who to contact for more information? (2/09)



The UM medical school is designing and developing LMS/eportfolio solutions for an initiative known as ENCORE that promises to be very exciting.


There is also some good work using eportfolios in medical schools in the UK. Two places to start are University of Manchester and University of Newcastle.


ePortfolio vendor Digication also has examples to share.

Mary Armitage and Kirstyn Shaw of the Royal College of Physicians of London have written on using ePortfolios for specialist recertification. CLINICIAN IN MANAGEMENT 15: 55–60 #2007 RADCLIFFE PUBLISHING

Sarah Stewart, a midwife and PhD candidate in New Zealand, has an interesting blog related to ePortfolios for health professionals: http://sarah-stewart.blogspot.com/2009/02/eportfolios-for-health-professionals.html. See also her recent Slideshare presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/sarahs/eportfolio-for-health-professionals (referred by Ray Tolley and the e-Portfolios-and-PLTs listserv)













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Comments (3)

Betsy DeGeorge said

at 3:37 am on Feb 6, 2009

I have found a couple articles on this subject:
The Development of an Electronic Educational Portfolio: An Outline for Medical Education Professionals by Lewis, Kadriye O. Baker, Raymond C. in the journal Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Vol 19 Issue 2 Pages 139-147. Description: Guidelines for the development of an educational portfolio focusing on medical education are provided, including design, format, and content. An electronic version of the portfolio, which combines flexibility and ease of revision, is also described, including formats for publication and distribution. Student reflections on the e-portfolio are presented, and potential applications of the e-portfolio in medical education are described.

Betsy DeGeorge said

at 3:41 am on Feb 6, 2009

Enhancing student reflection: the development of an e-portfolio by Pink, JimCadbury, Naomi
Stanton, Naomi in the journal Medical Education, Volume 42, Pages 1132-1133.
The article discusses the development of e-portfolio designed to guide medical students through the stages of the reflective learning cycle and personal leaning plans. This e-portfolio includes an introductory lecture, an online learning styles questionnaire, and a plenary lecture. It concludes that the e-portfolio improves engagement with reflective learning.

Ray Tolley said

at 7:25 am on Feb 6, 2009

These sound like typical HE so-called 'e-Portfolios' which attempt to deliver course content, assessment tools and all the artefacts of one's studies. In essence these appear to be no more than a VLEs. I strongly contend that all the evidences about ownership and portability point to a learner-owned e-Portfolio ie independent of any institutional controls. The scaffolding of learner activities should be set up on the VLE and the student can then select what items they choose for collaborative work or as evidences of their accomplishments.

When introducing the e-Portfolio concept to students I do not beleive that a one-shot take-it-or-leave-it approach can work effectively. Rather the introduction of e-Portfolios should be introduced as a life-enhancing experience which generally requires continued encouragements and regular sympathetic formative feedback.

I recall, many years ago, grown men and women coming into my office on different occasions, with tears in their eyes, saying, "I've prepared all the materials, I've provided clear instructions, and still they cannot do it." In those situations I had to sit down with these professionals and explain how to 'get alongside' their students, chat to them, motivate them and suggest practical steps in getting the best out of their students."

It is no different with the concept of an e-Portfolio. For many this is new thinking. Alumni do not have the answers as they, too, have often been entrenched in the didactic methods of the 19th century.

Yes, reflective thinking might be enhanced with good leadership, but what about embedding so many of the students' other communication skill within the e-Portfolio. May I suggest that you check out this page of one of my slideshows:


Admittedly this presentation was initially for Secondary school teachers, but many of the same concepts apply.

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